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Year in Review and Annual Christmas Party 2019

The 6th of December this year was marked on the one hand by St. Nicholas Day – on the other hand the Christmas party of the GUSTATUS group took place on just this Friday. Not only was the date of the event earlier than in previous years, but there were also some changes in the programme.

It was pleasing to see that 30 employees of the Swiss sister company Salvis AG joined the staff of PALUX AG, CSS GmbH and SERVATOR ServiceLine GmbH this year, so that for the first time in almost 10 years the party was celebrated together on a large scale. After a sparkling wine reception reception, PALUX CEO Dr. Hilmar Rudloff of welcomed the guests in the Christmas decorated Bad Mergentheim Kursaal. Afterwards the soup was already served by the catering team of the Edelfinger Hof.

Also the chairman of the supervisory board of PALUX AG and owner of the GUSTATUS group, Dipl.-Kfm. Erhard Ikas, addressed his greetings to those present and reviewed the year 2019 in his speech. He also gave a brief outlook on the upcoming tasks in the respective companies. The speech was completed with a special occasion: the 90th anniversary of PALUX, which could be celebrated this year. Since the foundation by Hugo Patzner in 1929 there have been numerous changes regarding products, market needs and company locations. Despite the eventful company history, PALUX has been firmly rooted in and with Bad Mergentheim since 1953. To celebrate the anniversary, a jubilee brochure was distributed to all employees. In addition, an anniversary shirt, which was also presented, will soon be available as a further gift.

Of course Udo Glatthaar (Lord Mayor of Bad Mergentheim) also joined the congratulations and wished everyone a Merry Christmas in advance in his greetings.

Shortly before the main course, the obligatory and entertaining annual review video was shown, which caused enthusiasm and applause in the hall. The buffet was then opened.

The last official part of the program was of course the honours. This was the biggest change compared to previous years: the long-standing and merited employees were honoured "en bloc" or given their retirement farewells. This has made it possible to significantly reduce the amount of time required, a wish that has been expressed many times over in recent years. For the first time, the best suggestions of this year's improvement program were awarded prizes at the Christmas party – the employees who attended were allowed to briefly present their suggestions for optimisation and received individual gifts as a thank-you.

Nevertheless, a special honor took place separately on this evening: Anton Schütz was honored for 40 years of PALUX service. The congratulations and certificate of the Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Winfried Kretschmann were delivered by Lord Mayor Glatthaar.

After a delicious dessert, the official part of the evening was concluded with the traditional raffle – also the small but fine dance floor was opened. Many employees took advantage of this to end the evening with nice conversations or by dancing together.


These employees were honoured at the Christmas party.

For 40 years in the company:

  • Anton Schütz

For 25 years in the company:

  • Philipp Eberle
  • Steffen Haas

For 10 years in the company:

  • Adrian Appel
  • Alexander Schauer
  • Barbara Mott
  • Gabriele Bärtle
  • Martin Stief
  • Michael Bloeck
  • Miriam Kraus
  • Nina Bierbrauer
  • Oliver Wächter


  • Valerij Ball
  • Alexander Rosenits
  • Werner Wolf


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