PALUX Glasswashing Machine GLE-T
Clarity without compromise!

The PALUX Glasswashing Machine GLE-T ensures clean and shiny glasses. It is suitable for all kind of glasses. The machine works extremely hygienic and economically efficient.

Advantages of the PALUX Glasswashing Machine GLE-T:

Operating Interface:

  • Visual modality of operating mode via LCD display.

Diversity of programmes:

  • Automatic operation with 3 standard washing programmes.
  • 6 special programmes:
    • Water change programme – easy change of the rinsing liquor with push of a button.
    • Self-cleaning programme for the everyday cleaning.
    • Special programme for small dishes.
    • Rinse with cold water.
    • Automatic water renewal.
    • Programme for using an osmosis plant.

Economic Efficiency:

  • Perfect filtration of detergent due to the filtration system – the detergent is permanently filtered during the rinsing cycle, the dirt residues are filtered out during the washing cycle.
  • Ultra Rinse Rinsing System continuous temperature during the after-rinse cycle and constant water consumption of only 1,5 l per rinsing cycle. Thus, you save up to 30 % of water, energy and detergent.

From planning to

operation: One partner!

From planning to

operation: One partner!