PALUX SteamTeam

Team player in the smallest space for a wide variety of preparation methods in record time

The mini kitchen with Pressure-Steamer and Touch 'n' Steam Combi Steamer

They are a real dream team: to save space in the kitchen, the powerful PALUX pressure steamer is combined with the versatile PALUX Touch 'n' Steam 611 SL combi steamer by stacking the appliances vertically to form the compact PALUX SteamTeam appliance combination.

Cooking quickly and intelligently - thanks to its small footprint of less than 0,5m², the PALUX SteamTeam is particularly suitable for catering establishments with limited kitchen space. Chefs work quickly and intuitively with the team player: they can cook with both appliances at the same time. From gentle steaming and vitalising to gratinating - the PALUX SteamTeam always achieves perfect results in record time.

Handling is also extremely simple: both components are equipped with intuitive PALUX Touch technology and can be operated in a standardised way via touchscreen. The combination of appliances saves chefs time and allows them to coordinate kitchen processes even better. That's why the SteamTeam is a dream team for communal catering, preparing buffets and cooking à la carte.

With its combined benefits, the PALUX SteamTeam makes everyday work in kitchens easier and saves considerable time and money.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Low space requirement - width of only 625 mm
  • Prepare large quantities in the shortest possible time without stress
  • On-demand cooking within a few minutes reduces overproduction
    • Standardised operation via PALUX touch technology
    • Fast and reliable production on demand even at peak times
  • Easy preparation of special and light meals
  • Define and save your own cooking processes
  • Integrated cookbook with preset cooking processes in both appliances


Further information on the individual appliances can be found under our components PALUX Pressure Steamer and PALUX Touch 'n' Steam SL


PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black Speisen vakuumierte Beutel gedaempft freigestellt
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black SteamTeam Gemuese freigestellt
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black SteamTeam Speisen freigestellt