Touch 'n' Steam

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Basic
The standard control system

Cook as you fancy – with two fingertips and a thousand wonderful ideas!
This is how chefs cook today: quickly, economically, simply and always the best quality!

The PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Basic control system offers all conventional preparation methods. All it takes is two fingertips to start the processes, to vary them individually and to control them reliably. The convenient user interface is based on state-of-the-art software technology and guides you to the desired result step by step.

4 Manual Modes of Operation: Steam, Hot Air, Combi-Steaming, Vitalization,
Vitalization on plates, GN containers or Banqueting System,
9 stored basic preparation methods

Advantages at a glance:

  • All modes of operation can be activated individually by finger tip.
  • The modes of operation are linked to preset values, which are displayed digitally – temperature, humidity, time or core temperature. The preset values can be redefined individually as the customer requires.
  • You can easily read the large display during operation, so you are always fully informed.


From planning to

operation: One partner!