Touch 'n' Steam

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Comfort
The Premium Control System

Professional from start to finish – the most innovative user interface system ever.

Welcome to a new era – the era of state-of-the-art cooking!

The PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Premium Control System offers many preparation methods and fits the needs of every customer.

  • Manual operation with four different modes of preparation.
  • Cookbook program in list or pictogram operation.
  • Favorites operation with a stored list of top programs.
  • Category operation for convenient work according to meals or menu group selections.
  • Cooking with 9 stored basic preparation methods.
  • Vitalization: Ready-to-serve food preparation.
  • Special Programs such as Delta T cooking, Cook & Hold, Low Temperature cooking, Sous-Vide Cooking and Slide in Times.
  • SmartCooking: Select product and cooking method, then start.
  • Baking: Fully automated baking processes.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Individually adaptable user interface with many different preparation methods.
  • The separate methods of operation can be individually activated as start screen by the user by finger tip.
  • Direct selection and modification of list or pictogram operation modes possible – a high degree of user flexibility.
  • SmartCooking with preset cooking programs – you determine the cooking results!
  • Baking is available as a separate mode of operation!



From planning to

operation: One partner!

From planning to

operation: One partner!