Touch 'n' Steam

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Compact Series (SL)
Powerful and slim – the compact extra class – profitable for every kitchen.

Thanks to their compact design and ingenious design, the compacts fit everywhere a combi steamer has been missed.

  • Maximum performance and minimum space requirements in one.
  • width of 550 mm
  • Choose from the Touch 'n' Steam Combi Steamer Basic or Comfort, in the sizes of 6x GN 2/3 SL , 6x GN 1/1 SL or 10x GN 1/1 SL depending on your needs and requirements.
  • Because the control panel is placed at the top and the ergonomic door can be configured to open either on the right or on the left, you don't have to waste any space when setting up.
  • Integrated hose with retractable, three- or optionally fourfold door glazing, multi point core temperature sensor and many additional functions make our compact models the highest performing in their class.
  • Available in the design Black Edition and as Combi-Duo-Station.


From planning to

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