Touch 'n' Steam

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Large Scale Production Series (QL)
Unbeatable in terms of capacity, flexibility and quality.

The new generation of the PALUX Large Scale Production Series is a true capacity and flexibility genius. With the '4 in 1' as a flexible slide-in system you can vary the configuration and loading individually according to requirements and capacity.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Various models available in the sizes of 6x GN 1/1 up to 20x GN 1/1 or 2/1.
  • Optimal cooking chamber concept for particularly demanding and fluctuating usage requirements.
  • Flexibility by GN 1/1 crosswise or lengthwise position, rack with baking dimensions 400 x 600 m, Maxi Rack and Banquet System.
  • With crosswise insertion, all food is always fully visible through the viewing window.
  • More capacity because of extremely variable cooking chamber use.
  • An increased plate capacity in the banqueting business.
  • The powerful size 2/1 permits everything.


From planning to

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