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Many known customers trust in kitchen solutions from PALUX. Have a look and read their experience reports.

A short excerpt from our references:

Kaftan Restaurant

Kaftan Restaurant turkish cuisine & fine art

VAE – Dubai

KAFTAN Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art in the heart of Dubai - with a unique location and a spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab. With the PALUX Maître seamless cooking unit, there is also impressive architecture to marvel at in the kitchen.

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Country Inn Zum Adler in Neunkirchen

Country Inn „Zum Adler“

DE – Neunkirchen

In the district of Miltenberg, directly on the border to the Main-Tauber district, lies Neunkirchen with the country inn "Zum Adler" (the eagle) run by the Pölleth family. The classic, Lower Franconian specialities are prepared on a PALUX Maître, which was individually made according to the requirements and wishes of the owner family.

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The Hemingway in Weiden

The Hemingway – Bar & Restaurant

DE – Weiden

The Hemingway is located in the city of Weiden, in the heart of the Upper Palatinate. Besides a top modern bowling alley, two arcade halls and “rock-darts”, the restaurant with its large menu offers a great variety of food. From burgers and pizza to schnitzel and fish dishes – at the Hemingway, everyone will find something for their taste.

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Zum Seisenberger in Geisenhausen

Zum Seisenberger

DE – Geisenhausen

The former tithe barn in Geisenhausen is the home of the restaurant “Zum Seisenberger”. There, the guests can expect typical Bavarian dishes and international delicacies – of course all prepared on professional PALUX kitchen equipment.

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Alfons Fuchs Inn in Mauth

Alfons Fuchs Inn

DE – Mauth

The "Alfons Fuchs Inn" in Mauth in Lower Bavaria is idyllically situated in the Bavarian Forest National Park on the border to the Czech Republic. The historic family business is currently run by Bernhard Fuchs and his wife Birgit in the third generation.

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Company Restaurant Bürkert Fluid Control Systems Ingelfingen

Company Restaurant Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

DE – Ingelfingen

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. In the Bürkert company restaurant at the headquarters in Ingelfingen, PALUX kitchen equipment is used.

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School canteen in the children's, youth and cultural centre of the community of Oberhaid

School canteen in the children's, youth and cultural centre of the community of Oberhaid

DE – Oberhaid

The community of Oberhaid, located in the Main valley between Bamberg and Schweinfurt, has realised a prestigious project with the construction of a new school canteen.

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BrotHaus Café in the slaughterhouse in Rothenburg

BrotHaus Café in the slaughterhouse

DE – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The BrotHaus Café in the former slaughterhouse in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a cosy café with an appealing design.

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Instytut Kulinarny Transgourmet Piaseczno

Instytut Kulinarny Transgourmet

PL – Piaseczno near Warsaw

Instytut Kulinarny is an innovative culinary academy in Piaseczno, Poland.

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bäck stage in Mössingen

bäck stage

DE – Mössingen

The bäck stage in Mössingen offers first-class event gastronomy in an attractive atmosphere.

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Strandhotel Duhnen in Cuxhaven

Strandhotel Duhnen

DE – Cuxhaven

The family-owned four-star Superior Strandhotel Duhnen (Beach Hotel Duhnen) in Cuxhaven is located directly on the miles long North Sea beach and offers a fantastic view over the beach, mud flats and sea.

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Petit Amour Hamburg Ottensen

Petit Amour

DE – Hamburg Ottensen

The Petit Amour in Hamburg Ottensen (Germany) does not only impress with its ideal location but above all with its excellent cuisine.

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Restaurant Nouri in Singapore

Restaurant Nouri

SG – Singapore

In the heart of Singapore's business district, Ivan Brehm opened his first own restaurant "Nouri" in June 2017.

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Le Ripailleur in Saint-Ouen

Le Ripailleur

FR – Saint-Ouen

In the north of Paris, Romain Malod and Stanislas Borsik – two friends who have known each other since the hotel management school – have realized their gastronomic dream and opened the bistro “Le Ripailleur”.

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Diabetes-Klinik Bad Mergentheim


DE – Bad Mergentheim

The Diabetes-Klinik (Diabetes Clinic), located in the heart of the spa town Bad Mergentheim, is the leading facility for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in Germany thanks to decades of experience.

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Le Bistrot D'Alice in Carcassonne

Le Bistrot D'Alice

FR – Carcassonne

In the south of France – more precisely in the “Le Bistrot D'Alice” in Carcassonne – PALUX kitchen technology is used.

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MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO’ Heringsdorf on Usedom Island


DE – Heringsdorf on the Baltic island of Usedom

The MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO’ Heringsdorf on the Baltic island of Usedom has a special concept and is definitely worth a visit.

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FrischeParadies Leipzig

FrischeParadies Leipzig

DE – Leipzig

The FrischeParadies (FreshParadise) Leipzig celebrated its opening in December 2016 and is the address for delicacies in the Maximilian Street in Leipzig.

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Haus Stemberg in Velbert-Neviges

Haus Stemberg

DE – Velbert-Neviges

In Haus Stemberg the top-performing Topline Series and several other components from the broad product range of PALUX are being used.

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Landlust Burg Flamersheim in Euskirchen

Landlust Burg Flamersheim

DE – Euskirchen

A modern interpretation of German cuisine and specialties of the Eifel region is served in “Landlust Gastronomie Burg Flamersheim”.

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Saxifraga Stub’n in Merano

Saxifraga Stub’n

IT – Meran, South Tyrol

High above the rooftops of Merano, right on the Tyrolean trail, the Saxifraga Stub’n is a popular excursion destination.

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Ebnicherhof in Ritten / Soprabolzano


IT – Ritten / Soprabolzano, South Tyrol

The Tauferer family offer traditional local dishes and a great view over the Dolomites in their "Ebnicherhof" in Ritten / Soprabolzano.

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Restaurant 360° in Limburg an der Lahn

Restaurant 360°

DE – Limburg an der Lahn

The new Restaurant 360° in Limburg an der Lahn stands for a flavor-intensive aroma cuisine.

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Guesthouse Noafer in San Genesio Atesino

Guesthouse Noafer

IT – San Genesio Atesino, South Tyrol

The traditional mountain inn is located at the sun-drenched alpine plateau Tschöggelbergers Bolzano.

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Trattoria Vecchia Sorni in San Michele all’Adige

Trattoria Vecchia Sorni

IT – San Michele all’Adige, South Tyrol

Experience ingenious country cuisine associated with trends of the fine Italian cuisine.

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De Scheepskameel in Amsterdam

De Scheepskameel

NL – Amsterdam

The excellent kitchen specializes on healthy foods with an emphasis on vegetarian dishes.

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The Kitchen at Bacchanalia in Singapore

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia

SG – Singapore

A one Michelin-starred restaurant situated in Singapore.

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H'ugo's Pizza-Bar-Lounge in Munich

H'ugo's Pizza-Bar-Lounge

DE – Munich

H'ugo's is a franchise concept, first implemented in Munich, and it is expanding in different German cities.

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Linacre College in Oxford

Linacre College

GB – Oxford

Linacre College which is attended by approximately 500 students belongs to Oxford University.

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Restaurant Stern in Kürnach

Restaurant Stern

DE – Kürnach

The Restaurant Stern at Kürnach offers their guests modern home-style cooking.

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Ribhouse Texas in Bocholt

Ribhouse Texas

DE – Bocholt

The steak house is located in the middle of the city forest of Bocholt and offeres dining in a unique western scenery.

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Ash & Elm InterContinental Singapore

Ash & Elm InterContinental Singapore

SG – Singapore

Boldly symbolic of wood-fire and glowing embers reduced from searing heat, Ash & Elm is a vibrant restaurant focused on European dining.

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Hotel Alpen Tesitin in Welsberg-Taisten

Hotel Alpen Tesitin

IT – Welsberg-Taisten, South Tyrol

The Alpen Tesitin is a hideaway for enamored couples, a hot spot for peace seekers and wellness enthusiasts.

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Globus Pushkino

Globus Pushkino

RU – Pushkino near Moskau

Globus Pushkino is a hypermarket in Pushkino, Russia focusing on the region's customers' demands and needs.

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Meisenheimer Hof

Meisenheimer Hof

DE – Meisenheim

The Meisenheimer Hof is located in a magnificent baroque building in the centre of the picturesque medieval town of Meisenheim.

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Restaurant Eisenhut in Rothenburg

Restaurant Eisenhut

DE – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The 4-star hotel known world-wide is built within 4 patrician buildings from the 15th and 16th century.

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Restaurant KUNO 1408 in Würzburg

Restaurant KUNO 1408

DE – Würzburg

The star-rated restaurant KUNO 1408 in Würzburg cooks with PALUX.

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Ratskeller Leipzig

Ratskeller of the City of Leipzig

DE – Leipzig

Ratskeller in Leipzig works with a PALUX Topline kitchen.

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Europa-Park in Rust


DE – Rust

The themed hotels "El Andaluz" and "Castillo Alcazar" work with PALUX equipment.

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Landhaus Fernblick in Freigericht

Landhaus Fernblick

DE – Freigericht

Probably the most beautiful restaurant of the Rhine Main area.

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Panoramahotel Wildschütz in St. Leonhard

Panoramahotel Wildschütz

IT – St. Leonhard in Passeier, South Tyrol

The Panorama hotel Wildschütz in St. Leonhard is located in the wonderful mountain scenery of Passeiertal in South Tyrol.

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Chocolate Leipzig

Chocolate Bar Grill Dinnerclub

DE – Leipzig

The open PALUX kitchen of the Chocolate in Leipzig offers a special ambience!

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From planning to

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