De Scheepskameel

NL – Amsterdam

The 'De Scheepskameel' is located on a former Dutch Marinebase in the centre of Amsterdam. The restaurant had a perfect start and is already a popular and well-known place to be in Amsterdam.

'De Scheepskameel' is a trendy restaurant that focuses on basic and healthy food, serving mainly vegetarian dishes and less meat or fish. Not only is it a trendy but also a unique and special restaurant, because of its wine list serving only German wines.

PALUX BV was chosen as a partner because of its know-how in building kitchens, the flexibility in offering equipment, the quickness in providing kitchen drawings and the ability to answer any questions in a timely manner. The positive word of mouth recommendations from other customers emphasize why 'De Scheepskameel' chose PALUX as their competent and reliable partner.