Doddy's Coffee

FR - Paris

The burger chain Doddy's Coffee is a popular place in and around Paris to experience the "American dream" of burgers, hot dogs, bagels, salads and various desserts. The restaurants offer dishes for all tastes and ages.

Doddy's Coffee in Paris, which seats up to 80 people, is now the third restaurant in the chain to be equipped with PALUX kitchen technology. In addition to the restaurant in Paris, the large variety of burgers is also offered in Vélizy (directly near Versailles) and Billancourt (about 125 kilometres from Paris).

Chef Monsieur Grandin wanted to make the most of the small space. So he was looking for a small, efficient kitchen that was reliable and easy to clean. Through our partner ACP - Aclanet in Petit Clamart - Grandin also found the perfect solution for his kitchen. The concept, as well as the planning and installation, was then carried out smoothly with our partner from France, as was the case with the other restaurants of the burger chain.

In order to fulfil the ideas and wishes, all those involved decided on the high-quality PALUX Topline kitchen series. This guaranteed the required performance. In order to maintain a pleasant room climate in a small space and to create the best working conditions, a PALUX Topline induction cooker was integrated, which convinced with its four separately controllable cooking zones. In addition, the kitchen line has a PALUX Topline cooling table and a PALUX Topline Vario Cooker 2, which is perfect for frying burger patties with its finely ground CNS cooking surface.


At a glance: PALUX-Products at the Doddy's Coffee in Paris