IT – Ritten / Soprabolzano, South Tyrol

Surrounded by an incredible view above Bolzano, at a height of 830 meters, the Ebnicherhof once counted to the main producers of the agricultural chestnut flour. As one of many contributors to the main agricultural farm, this flour had been very meaningful to the poor. Nowadays, however, Elisabeth and Andreas Tauferer and their young daughter Franziska are managing the local farm in third generation. Apart from wine production, chestnuts and livestock farming, they are the lovely hosts of the flourishing Buschenschank, where tasty Southern Tyrol traditional cuisine is fundamental.

In 2016, the Langebner Company, a PALUX partner, realized the complete kitchen renovation of the object. The renovation made it possible to integrate our modern kitchen technologies within the still consisting old charms. The main attraction is the wooden oven in the centre. The meal counter is made of a double sided PALUX heating cabinet, which allows the customer to experience parts of the kitchen processes right in action. Extensive and conscientious planning made it possible to integrate our EcoLine furniture to function as preparation counters for the food. Another concept perfectly solved by Langebner is the additional working counter. The rinsing zones are the finishing line for a perfect kitchen and honour the PALUX slogan "Die große Freiheit" (The Big Freedom).

The Tauferer family builds on tradition and quality and is absolutely enthusiastic about their new achievement. Functionality and quality are now completing their overall kitchen layout.