Guesthouse Noafer

IT – San Genesio Atesino, South Tyrol

The traditional mountain inn Noafer is located at the sun-drenched alpine plateau Tschöggelbergers Bozen and is lead by Maria and Annelies Lamprecht who are the fifth generation of their family to run the inn. The two siblings put a lot of commitment, delight and lifeblood into the original and hearty farmer's kitchen.

"We are over the moon
with our decision!"

The young restaurateurs' conclusion.

Back in the days, travellers, craftsmen or locals looking for a piece of nature stopped by for a glass of wine or for a piece of bacon. The hard-working grandma, mother and all other family members made Noafer's a really cozy restaurant.

So far, the Lamprecht family has been equipped with a few pieces of kitchen furniture and appliances as well as a PALUX dishwashing machine. They have been a customer of PALUX partner Langebner Gastrosystem for many years.

In 2015, Langebner Gastrosystem was able to convince the modern rustic style restaurant to acquire a new PALUX kitchen. Due to the long-lasting relationship and the resulting trust, family Lamprecht decided to buy a PALUX Topline Twin-Go kitchen. Family Lamprecht knows that PALUX stands for quality which was another reason to buy new appliances.

The new kitchen is equipped with heated cupboards, Pasta Cookers and a 2-Burner Gas Range. A CNS Range 800 and a Vario Pan 600 shape the heart of the kitchen. Ecoline furniture completes the kitchen.

A highlight in the new kitchen is the PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Basic 611 QL to help during peak times.