Landhaus Feckl

DE - Ehningen

In 2000, Franz and Manuela Feckl, now long-standing PALUX customers, opened the Landhaus Feckl in Ehningen near Böblingen. The Landhaus Feckl has a familiar but pleasantly upscale atmosphere with a rustic country ambience.

The menu offers regional, seasonal, à la carte dishes as well as vegetarian delicacies. These are combined with Mediterranean and French nuances. A gourmet cuisine at the highest level with so-called "grounding" - the down-to-earth should remain.

After Franz Feckl began his cookery training in Mühldorf am Inn in 1971, his paths led him to Murrhardt, Bern, Munich, Kampen on Sylt, Castrop Rauxel and Leonberg. In 1981, he passed the master chef's examination and became self-employed with his wife Manuela in 1985.Among many other awards, Franz Feckl was honoured with a Michelin star in 1987. In 2022, Landhaus Feckl was awarded a Michelin star for the 35th time in a row. In addition, he is currently president of the German Football Chefs.

Franz Feckl has been cooking with the PALUX Topline for 23 years. The PALUX Topline offers the functionality and construction for the latest findings in work ergonomics, hygiene, organisation and technology. A modern design makes the kitchen an attractive workplace.



At a glance: PALUX-Products at the Landhaus Feckl