Le Ripailleur

FR – Saint-Ouen

In the north of Paris, Romain Malod and Stanislas Borsik – two friends who have known each other since the hotel management school – have realized their gastronomic dream and opened the bistro “Le Ripailleur”.

Saint-Ouen is a lively district in the northern Parisian Banlieue and offers a colourful, cultural diversity. Together with his chef Stanislas Borsik, Romain Malod took over an old restaurant there and transformed it into a typical French bistro. “Le Ripailleur” offers a room that feels like home to everyone who enjoys life and good food.

When it comes to kitchen technology, they trust in the products of PALUX AG: together with our local PALUX partner Aclanet Cuisine Professionel (ACP), located in Clamart, they have chosen the PALUX Topline Twin-Go series. With its operability on both sides, it’s ideally suited for the preparation of up to 200 meals per day. And thanks to the open kitchen, the dishes are prepared live in front of the guests during front-cooking.

Whether alone on a quick snack at the large bar, with friends for lunch or with the whole family for dinner – the bistro “Le Ripailleur” is worth a visit and welcomes everyone warmly.

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