Panoramahotel Wildschütz

IT – St. Leonhard in Passeier, South Tyrol

The Panorama hotel Wildschütz in St. Leonhard is located in the wonderful mountain scenery of Passeiertal (Val Passiria) in South Tyrol. Nadia and Manfred Pixner and their three children are fully present for their guests. In the hotel, hospitality is lived. Numerous offers, for example cooking courses, are accepted by the guests with pleasure. The guests are spoilt every day with home-made jams, mildly smoked bacon, self-produced sausages and food directly from the region.

For many years family Pixner has been a customer of our contracting partner Franz Langebner Gastrosystem from Siebeneich. For the new investment, they obtained numerous offers for seamless range equipment and a piece of furniture line, consisting of stainless steel. The decision was not easy. A decisive factor was – besides the best prize and performance ratio – the long-standing business relationship and the quality from PALUX.

Working where others spend their holidays!

For some time now, a PALUX Maître is the centre and also eye catcher in the kitchen of the Panorama hotel Wildschütz. Besides a stainless steel range 800 and an induction range 400, a Vario pan is a have-to-have in the range equipment. Especially the Vario pan has taken a shine to family Pixner. They have already been working with a Vario pan from PALUX for a long time. This Vario Pan with all its product advantages was also crucial for the decision to work with PALUX. The kitchen was complemented with furniture elements of the series PALUX Ecoline furniture. The worktops were custom-made and installed precisely due to existing recesses of the window sills.

"A partner and a company whose products you can depend on", said family Pixner.