Pflugsmühle in Abenberg

DE- Abenberg

The Pflugsmühle in Abenberg, which was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War and rebuilt in 1653 by the then master miller Peter Braun, is now owned by his descendants Friedrich and Benedikt Braun. Over the centuries, the Pflugsmühle has become a popular destination in the Franconian Lake District. The related Hans Braun family, also based at the Pflugsmühle, rounds off the attractions with a buggy track, horse farm, mini-golf, swing golf and football golf.

In 1988, the beer garden was established with its current 600 seats. In 2006, the old wooden barn was added with 80 seats, which offers space for festivities and meetings. In 2018, a winter garden with 40-50 seats was also added to round off the offer. The in-house bakery bakes its bread as it did 50 years ago.

The Pflugsmühle offers Franconian home cooking with snacks, as well as Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine, with up to 2000 meals a day prepared by the team of chefs. All the products used, from meat to vegetables to fruit, come from the immediate region - because chef Axel Langerak gives top priority to quality. The dressing for the salads is homemade and left natural with no additives.

Since 2018, the kitchen has been equipped with the PALUX Topline, which scores with the latest technology, work ergonomics and hygiene with the built-in PALUX Ecoline and Topline stainless steel furniture in H2 hygiene design.

All appliances in the kitchen of the Pflugsmühle testify to extremely short heating times, for quick operational readiness. Equipped with a PALUX Topline Vario Pan Plus, the PALUX Topline Induction Range and the PALUX Topline Kettle, the Pflugsmühle Abendberg works with large-scale kitchen technology at the highest level, which is perfectly suited for roasting, boiling, steaming and braising large quantities. In addition, Axel Langerak's kitchen includes a PALUX Touch 'n' Steam, which offers a variety of cooking methods, PALUX FryStar deep fryers, which are perfect for baking and deep-frying meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and pastries, and a PALUX Salamander, which gratinates the finished dishes or keeps them warm.

Chef Axel Langerak, a chef for 17 years, has always cooked with PALUX kitchens. A practicable factor for him is not only the beautiful appearance, but also the aspects of function and hygienic standard of a PALUX kitchen. In a nutshell: "Simple and functional" - says Axel Langerak.

The Pflugsmühle offers a beautiful atmosphere, a great view, a rich menu written in Franconian dialect and friendly service.



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