Strandhotel Duhnen

DE – Cuxhaven

The family-owned four-star Superior Strandhotel Duhnen (Beach Hotel Duhnen) in Cuxhaven is located directly on the miles long North Sea beach and offers a fantastic view over the beach, mud flats and sea.

Its history began at the end of the 19th century: in 1896, Amandus Mangels built a hotel directly on the mud flats, which was taken over almost 25 years later by Friedrich Wilhelm Kamp. This acquisition laid the foundation for the family business – Kristian Kamp currently directs the fortunes of the company.

After the hotel hall, the reception, the restaurants, the breakfast room and the wellness area had already received a basic makeover, the complete renovation of the hotel kitchen was then on the agenda. Since structural changes were not possible, the planning of the oldest part of the building took more than two years.

During several coordination meetings with the experienced PALUX kitchen planners, a conclusive concept was created for the demanding property.  The initial customer requirements for the existing building complex were easily met.

Managing Director Kristian Kamp draws a positive conclusion of the renovation:

“The planning concept envisaged the complete removal of the old kitchen and the renewal of all water and power lines. In the course of this, a new ventilation ceiling with state-of-the-art technology was also installed. Only six weeks were estimated for the entire conversion, using all the craftsmen and resources. Thanks to forward-looking planning and conception by PALUX, it was possible for us to install the complete kitchen in just a few days, precisely fitting and fully functional.”

With the help of the new kitchen, work processes were optimized thanks to shorter distances and cooking times were reduced to a minimum by using the latest induction technology.

The decision for high-quality and reliable kitchen solutions from PALUX also pleases Executive Chef Sven Behling:

“Due to the shorter heating-up and preparation times with the new, powerful induction fields, we initially had a few difficulties in changing over and had to adapt our working habits. But thanks to the optimal instruction by the PALUX application consultants, who explained the operation of the products very well, the transition was very easy. My kitchen team quickly got used to the new appliances and learned to appreciate them.” 


At a glance: PALUX Products in the Strandhotel Duhnen