Competition "Kreative Köpfe" 2019

In 2019, we were again a cooperation partner in the regional inventor competition “Kreative Köpfe” (creative minds). This year, 37 pupils from nine schools developed innovative ideas and then realised the prototypes. The award ceremony took place on 08.05.2019 in Bad Mergentheim.

After three months of cooperation with experts from various regional companies, the creative minds were finally able to present their ideas to the public at the award ceremony. The jury, competitors and supporting companies took a close look at them; our CEO Dr. Hilmar Rudloff and Constanze Peterseim (Head of HR) also convinced themselves of the solutions developed. The awards were then presented at a ceremony, which was attended by Bad Mergentheim's Lord Mayor Udo Glatthaar, among others.

Also in this year our “creative minds” have done excellent work again! In cooperation with PALUX and our technical training manager Michael Müller as well as our apprentices, the pupils were able to convince with their ideas. Special thanks go to Mona Philipp, David Bandt and Mustafa Abdulbary (Apprentice Mechatronics) as well as Daniel Jekeli and Carlo Hieronymi (Apprentice Construction Mechanics).

The winners with PALUX support at a glance

Elisabeth Kuhn and Sarah Schieser were awarded 1st place in the overall and special DHBW prizes. The two 13-year-old pupils of the St. Bernhard Mädchen- und Jungenrealschule Bad Mergentheim developed a “Flexi basket”; a removable, foldable and swivelling bicycle basket. The project was implemented by WITTENSTEIN SE and PALUX.

“We have recognised that bicycle parking spaces often cannot be used effectively due to large bicycle baskets. Our idea is to develop a foldable bicycle basket that can be folded in such a way that it fits into smaller parking spaces even with a large bicycle basket. Our developed bicycle basket can be folded together and on its side.”

Linus Metzger and Jannik Nörpel (both 13 years old, Kopernikus-Realschule Bad Mergentheim) took second place with “FixBro”, their “Fixing Bread Box”, in the field of resource conservation.

"Our goal was to eliminate the mess in the bread box. We did this by filling the remaining cavity in the box and fixing everything.

In the inventor competition Technical Realisation, the “height-adjustable cake plate” by Cedric Weber and Bastian Bamberger took 2nd place. The idea of the two 14-year-olds of the Gymnasium Weikersheim:

“Every housewife or hobby baker who has a cake plate with a foot always has the problem that the plate with the cake does not fit in the refrigerator. We have now found a good solution to this problem. A cake plate, whose base can be adjusted in height. So the plate fits in the fridge as well as on the buffet, where it also looks good. Finding a solution was not easy in the beginning, but with the help of the experts from PALUX it worked in the end.”

With the “Cozy-Bag”, a backpack with integrated warming function for the back, which can also be used as a seat, the 11-year-old Julius Nitschke (Deutschorden-Gymnasium Bad Mergentheim) achieved second place in the field of innovation and creativity.

“My idea was to invent a backpack that is comfortable and helps to carry and support loads. I wanted to install a kind of exo skeleton for the legs as well as heat pads for the back. My project has changed a bit. I tried “Noonee – the chairless chair” for the seat and legs; I was allowed to borrow it from ebm-papst. But that wasn't as I had imagined: much too heavy and bulky. It also did not fulfil the purpose of the support during running. Running was really hard and you needed a lot of balance when sitting. My experts and I then concentrated on the backpack and we came up with the idea of equipping it with an aluminium frame so that you could sit on it anywhere. I put plastic feet on the bottom so the backpack stands better and doesn't get damaged. I have attached a warming surface to the back, because the warmth on the back is still important to me. We decided to use a large heating surface because it is easier to apply. Unfortunately, the surface is not enough for a seat heater on my frame. The heating surface gets its energy from a power bench that I have stored in my backpack.”

Congratulations to all participants and winners for the exciting projects, great inventions and creative visions!



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