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GUSTATUS Summer Party and Family Day 2019

On Friday, 12.07.2019, the GUSTATUS Group celebrated the annual summer party on the company premises in Igersheim with approx. 210 guests – including employees, their families and numerous pensioners.

The afternoon started as usual with coffee and pastries – compared to previous years, however, with somewhat mixed weather. Afterwards Erhard Ikas, chairman of the supervisory board of PALUX AG, greeted all present and thanked all helpers for the great preparation.

The guests could have a look at some historical PALUX treasures again in our small PALUX museum. After last year's premiere the collection of Alfred Haas and Norbert Baumbusch was extended by a few pieces. The exhibition awakened many of our company pensioners' beautiful memories of their time in the company. Herwig Kramer and his son Marco from Richen (district Heilbronn) enriched the history with two old, lovingly restored PALUX mopeds.

Also the children were entertained with some activities. While the parents sat together and drank coffee, the kids were able to have fun with the popular children's make-up, at the handicrafts table and with the wide range of play options (including a children's car pool, football and sandbox). Unfortunately, the otherwise so popular bouncy castle could not be built due to the weather.

However, this did not detract from the good mood. With a variety of cold drinks from the Herbsthäuser brewery and a filled freezer with different kinds of ice cream, everyone could get in the mood for the big barbecue.

This year there was an exclusive selection of barbecues from the Bauer's Brotzeit butcher's shop in Distelhausen. The menu included wild boar sausages, flank steaks, beer chops, tiled meat, grilled vegetables and corn on the cob. Of course, the popular French fries from our PALUX deep fryer were not to be missed. The menu was rounded off by a large selection of salads.

After dinner, the cocktail bar was opened. With various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, three of our industrial trainees provided at least a little summer feeling despite the changing weather.

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Many thanks to all helpers!

From planning to

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From planning to

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